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Priv NPC Shop
~Priv NPC Shop~

You read the following.

"DBV Priv Shop System Help:

Add item to shop - add items to ammo slot and write: /pshop add, price (dolar) - [Price for one item]
eg. /pshop add, 100 [Price for one item]

Remove item from shop - write: /pshop remove, itemName, count
eg. /pshop remove, Full Brolly legs, 1

Start Priv Shop - write: /pshop on (Before you add the item!) - You need to be in the Market hall
Stop Priv Shop - write: /pshop off

List to sell items - write: /pshop list

List sold items - write: /pshop sell

Money balance - write: /pshop money [to payment write: /pshop money, out]

Money calc:
100$ = 1G
1000$ = 10G
10000$ = 100G

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